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Far right groups and individuals continue to use Facebook platforms to push out hate, threats and intimidation and calls for religious based violence. Despite regular press statements claiming to be responsible, what the Far Right Observatory (FRO) is seeing on the tech giants’ platforms suggests there is neither responsibility nor accountability.

We take a deep dive looking at not just recent whistle-blower revelations, but also a court ruling this month relating to Facebook’s part in a genocide in Myanmar. We are left wondering what, if anything, has been learnt since then, as today far right propagandists in Ireland amass millions of video views from the hate they spew.

It has been a troubling few weeks for Facebook’s leadership, as the tech giant faced a barrage of criticisms from a variety of angles. This has included researchers, US judges, politicians looking to bring forward antitrust legislation , and most recently from workers within the organisation itself acting as whistleblowers.

Ten years on from the brutalising atrocity of Utoya, Norway, it is well past time Facebook is accountable for the impacts it is having on society in Ireland

CW: Please be aware the following contains difficult subject matter and content warnings apply.

Utoya Remembered

Ten years ago, in Norway on the 22nd of July 2011, Anders Behring Breivik got into his white van early in the morning. With him he had a Glock handgun and a Ruger semi-automatic…

National Party activist Rebecca Barrett a regular guest as Paul O’Neil broadcasts on Nazi friendly website

Paul O’Neil (Critiqued) with National Party activist Rebecca Barrett, wife of leader Justin Barrett

A prominent propagandist for the far-right National Party has been discussing the merits of publicly torturing and murdering young girls as part of a far-right run society. In a video entitled ‘Critiqued discusses Hedonism and Degeneracy hosted by Thomas Baden-Riess’ both men talked about publicly executing teenagers, with National Party…

“Asymptomatic people do not exist. They are healthy people […] if everybody just stopped wearing masks, this would be over […] The reason that globalists support masks is that oxygen-deprived people are easy to manipulate” — Prof Dolores Cahill speaking on St Patrick’s Day 2021 in Dublin.

“Dolores is an…

The hidden agenda of those exploiting Covid19 concerns

Throughout Europe there has been growing frustration at the restrictions associated with Covid-19 coupled with questions regarding the evidential basis for lockdowns and measures such as mask mandates. Mixed messaging from public authorities has heightened these frustrations.

It is thus not surprising…

“Belltower News — which provides monitoring updates on far right and related activity, and which is supported by the German Amadeu Antonio foundation, has concluded that there are significant links between leading figures in Querdenken and the German far right, including Holocaust deniers.”

Dolores Cahill speaking at an event to support Gemma O Doherty

On October 10th 2020 Irish Freedom Party (IFP) chairperson Dolores Cahill took part in one of the final events held at the Querdenken protest camp in front of Berlin’s Chancellery offices before the camp was dismantled. Cahill was there to help launch the new World Doctors’ Alliance (WDA) of which…

The following briefing document was prepared by the Far Right Observatory in late 2018 and early 2019. Part of this work examined the role of the Facebook in increasing radicalisation and online hate organising.

The document was provided to the leader of the Green Party Eamonn Ryan, now current Minister…

Ireland June 2020

In the last week, a vicious stabbing of a teenager in Carrigaline was used by both Irish far right activists and international white nationalist networks to try and push their agenda of trying to stoke racial tension in Irish society.

The incident was filmed, and this video was shared across…

Over the course of the last month the Far Right Observatory (FRO) have witnessed a resurgence of activity of far right actors using COVID-19 pandemic to rally support behind their agenda of racism and hate. This article takes a look at some of these activities and actors.

Following the abysmal…

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